replaced blower Motor Resistor and still getting no output.

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#14164 Closed 2001 GMC sierra 2500hd public

the blower would stop working occasionally, Know will not work at all. I have tested between the red and black wire right before the resistor I get 12v. Between the red and grey (with black stripe) I get from 9-12v depending on the speed of the controller. I Put in new Blower Motor Resistor and am still only getting .03-.05v on the blower side.


Could you provide the part number and the brand of the installed part?

delco 16250785


Check the terminal condition inside the three wire connector. Possible loose terminals. If that is okay perform your voltage tests with all connectors installed. You may have a voltage drop problem that will only show with a load on the system.

I do I have a voltage drop after the resistor on the old and new one. I think I got a bad resistor.12v to less then one volt on both of them.


Can you explain on which wires you are testing (color and harness connector) and what reference points you are using for both power and ground.

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