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I’m trying to swap out my manual rear view mirror with an auto dimming and temperature display. I have option code UE1 (onstar). I have a 16 pin plug with Black at position 1; purple/black at position 10; yellow/black at position 11; solid green at position 13; green/white at position 14. With this pin layout would my truck supply power and temp readings to the mirror. I do have a temp sensor on my radiator support. If so any idea what part number I should be looking for?


I looked at the wiring diagrams this morning and the colors and positions do not align with what you have described in your truck.  With that said, the auto dimming feature should work with minimal effort but you may need to do some wiring to have the thermometer work. There are too many variables to know for sure until until you actually connect the new mirror assembly. From what I saw you may have to add an ignition power wire since you did not list having a pink wire in your connector.

Also I think if you have auto a/c controls you can turn on the Outside Air Temperature reading in the HVAC display. The instructions should be in your owners manual. I know that can be done in some year models of that body style because I have done it for several customers over the years.

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