Pigtail connector for 2004 GMC Sierra HVAC servo

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I think I have a bad blend door servo connector on my 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT with dual digital HVAC controls. I was hoping that you might sell a pigtail connector that I could use to replace the current connector that is part of the wiring harness. I believe it is faulty because I get an error code that goes away if I pull on the wiring that is connected to the connector.
Is it possible that you can sell me the connector with wires coming out of it that I can splice into the original wiring harness?

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I always just tighten the terminals in the connector but here are a couple of replacement part numbers.



ACDelco PT276

Standard Motor Products S-1112



Thank you.
Where can I buy the tool to remove the pins?


It is a Lilse Tools part number 14900 and is available at most parts stores.

Thank you so much.

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