Persistent BO229 Even after replacing recirculation door actuator

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#16008 Closed 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT public

Hi Sparky! New member here but have used some of your answers before to work on my truck. Here’s my issue: about a year ago I couldn’t get cold air out of the driver’s side but if I turned the engine off and then back on, it’d work great for another 10-15 minutes. I had it diagnosed multiple times and different shops would add refrigerant but it never fixed the issue. I ended up getting BlueDriver and dug into the codes myself and ended up replacing the passenger side blend door actuator (on the bottom left of the passenger). Since then, haven’t had a single issue. With the BlueDriver, I’ve gone code by code and tried to clean up/repair/fix whatever I can and I’m still stuck with the same problem…..BO229. I removed the dash and even replaced the recirculation actuator (in the back right corner of the dash closest to the radio antenna) and this code still won’t clear even after the recalibration procedure.

Today I ran the codes again and came across something interesting, a lot of additional HVAC codes in ‘history’ with only the B0229 being CURRENT/HISTORY. The other ‘HISTORY’ codes are B0263, B3770, and B0424. After looking online, it seemed to point at the actuator harness of the HVAC module itself. Any thoughts?

I’ve attached a photo of an HVAC control similar to mine.


It sounds like you may need a software update. Here is the deal in a nutshell. There is a sealing foam on the HVAC door panels. The foam degrades and compresses with age. The original software did not compensate for this wear so the doors could overtravel and cause issues. A fairly easy way to see if this is the issue is to apply something to the recirculation door or the grate that will limit the door travel. Clear the codes and retest the system to see if the code returns. If the code does not return then get the HVAC module software updated and your problem should be gone. Also if your scan tool can read the software calibrations you can go to the GM TIS site and check to see if your software is updated or not.

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