passdriver’s side blows hot air while passenger side blows cold air while in ac mode. changed out a blend door actuator didn,t help

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#14457 Closed 2004 2004 chevrolet silverado public

2004 chevy silverado manual controls dual climate


Please supply the location of the actuator you replaced. The part number of the installed part. The part number of the original part. Also does your system have auto or manual  controls?

the part i took out is located in front of center console underneath dash- easy to get to many numbers on the original
a big (07) then 52402588 and C3541677A and on the side another barcode 74611692 and 041677 the actuator i replaced it with is repc410206 also in fine print LTACA604121 and P.O.#FTTC102217LS-01

manual controls



I researched and cross referenced the part number REPC410206 and as far as I can tell it is a replacement part for the mode actuator and not the temperature door actuator. It will not work to replace your original faulty actuator.

are you saying the actuator i worked on was not the one that needed to be replaced? do i need to replace a temperature door actuator that’s in a different location?


The part that you removed (52402588) is a temperature door actuator and you said it was easy so I assume you removed it from under the dash  and slightly towards the passenger side of center.  If so you removed the right part but you installed an incompatible part in the repair. You will need to purchase and install the correct part number for your application.

where do i get the right part and how am i to know it


The correct ACDelco part number is 15-72971 and is available at this link.

thank you

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