Okay I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee sport Limited 4.7 v8 2 wheel drive automatic transmission it’s sending me 3 codes on my scanner p7025 engine speed input circuit and p 0340 camshaft positioning sensor A circuit bank 1 or single sensor p0320 ignition/ distributor engine speed input circuit another code p1391 the vehicle code is defined by manufacturer please in there and select the manufacturer that says loss of cam or crank signal I replace cam and crank sensors about 6 months ago could they be defected

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It runs great going down the highway it’ll start breaking down like it’s losing power I’ll turn it off put it in neutral you know and then started back up and it’ll be fine for about five or six miles and then to do it again


There are quite a few things that can cause those codes to set. I am assuming that you meant P0725 instead of P7025? The vast majority of times replacing the crank and cam sensors will take care of the issue. Generally only one is failing but proper testing requires using a dual channel oscilloscope to check patterns and check sync. Not many people have that tool let alone the will to hook it all up. So the general rule of thumb is to replace both sensors. I strongly recommend OEM parts from the dealership. The cam/crank sync may need to be reset with a scan tool after replacement.

There are other things to look for such as bare wiring that could short out, oil soaked connectors that may cause poor terminal connections and loose terminals (drag test needed) in the connectors. Although very unlikely there is also a chance that a computer may be failing.

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