New Defrost actuator is not lining up with door gear?

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#14158 Closed 2007 GMC 1500 Yukon XL Denali public

Trying to install a new actuator for the defrost and the slot on the actuator doesn’t line up with the arm for the door. Tried to reclock the actuator to line up with the arm. When I hook it up to the power it goes back to its normal position. Are the actuators different from the blend door and the defrost?


Yes, the parts are different between the blend/temperature and mode actuators.  The mode actuator is ACDelco part number 15-73952.

I have a Dorman 604-106. Will that cross over to the ACDelco 15-73952?


According to the Dorman site the 604-112 is their interchange for the ACDelco part.

Ok thank you

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