Need to know which actuator to replace.

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Vehicle is 2004 Chevy Silverado (think the engine is a 5.3 V8) with auto controls.. Have reset them twice. I hear things moving around when I “recycle” system, but that has not worked. Bought the truck in summer and A/C works fine. Now cold weather is approaching and I turn the drivers knob up to 90 and the passenger knob up to 90 and the knob that shows “feet”. Warm air comes out of the passenger a/c vents and cold air comes out of the driver a/c vents. I have read that there are 4 different actuators on this particular model. There is a blender, a bi-level actuator, a hot & cold for driver and a hot & cold for passenger. For the problem I have explained, which actuator, or 2 or 3 or however many do I need to replace.
Also, where are the locations of these 4 actuators. Thank you for your help. I’ve been all over the internet asking the same question and all I find is videos how to change all of them.


There are 4 actuator on your truck but they are; mode, drivers temp, passenger temp and air inlet. The one that appears to be acting up from your description is the driver’s temperature door actuator. I would strongly recommend checking the engine coolant level before doing anything else though. I am including several link to articles that I have written that should help.

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