My turn signal/hazard flasher makes clicking signs at all times while driving etc. The hazard lights, turn signals, park lights etc are functioning normal. Only other thing i notice is my interior lights stay on after i remove the key whether the switch is on or not.

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#14099 Closed 1995 chevy k1500 suburban LS public

Flasher is Novita E36


I would start by physically removing the flasher to confirm that it is what is actually clicking. You would need to do this in an area where you could safely operate the vehicle and avoid any tickets.

well I didn’t drive it as you suggested, but I did reach up under dash and could feel it and it was coming from the flasher. I replaced with a new one from autozone and it still does the same. anything else i can try? im stumped 🤔


I would look for a shorted wire in or near the steering column. In theory you should be looking for a problem on either the brown or purple wire depending on which flasher is acting up. Please see the diagram in the attachment.

Thanks, I’ll let you know what I find.

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