My ignition coil fuse keeps blowing and I wanted to know can you help me diagnose the situation.

ID Status Date Year Make Model Transmission Type A/C Controls Public/Private
#15567 In Progress 2011 Chevrolet Malibu public

Fuse keeps blowing #43 on the engine compartment fuse box


I might be able to help but I will need to know the engine size including the 8th digit of the VIN and the name/number of the fuse and it’s location?

Engine size 2.4 8the digit is 1 and the ignition coil #43 fuse engine fuse box


Fuse #43 supplies power to the #3 &#4 ignition coils. Perform a visual inspection of the wiring around those two coils. If no problem is found try disconnecting one coil at a time to see if the short goes away. This is assuming that the fuse blows as soon as the ignition is switched on. I do not recommend running the engine with a coil disconnected since unburned fuel can damage the catalytic converter.

Also look for places around the transmission where a wiring harness may be laying on a sharp edge or a bolt. The wire will be pink with a black stripe when you find it.

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