My heater on my 2009 Ltz (auto control) doesn’t get very hot. I replaced the cabin temperature sensor.

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#14205 Closed 2009 Chevy 3500 LTZ public

Is there any adjustments that I can do to get the heater to put out more heat ? Both heater hoses seem to be the same temperature, coolant tank is at the right level.


When checking the heater hose temperatures it is important to start with a cold engine.  Turn the system to full heat and high blower speed. Both hoses should should climb in temperature  and within about ten minutes.  If it is very cold outside and the system is working normally the return hose will be slightly cooler (hard to detect by hand but an infrared temp gun will show 10 to 20 degrees difference).

If all that is okay then you need to confirm that the blend/temperature door actuators are working correctly.

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