My air diverter for the driver side is blowing hot air all the time. AC works on passenger side and back unit. I have replace both the tempeture controll unit and diverter under the dash. I have also done multiple resets per your instructions. I have also done continuity check on the wiring between the controller and diverter. All wiring is good, but when checking voltage when operating one of the light green wires is not receiving voltage of any sort. The other wire is getting 5 volts.

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#14386 Closed 2004 cheverolet suburban public

My AC air flow to drivers side is blowing constant hot air when asking for AC. Passenger side blows cold.
I have replaced the diverter and the controller . I have also done multiple resets per instructions on your website.
I have performed continuity check on wiring between the controller and diverter and wiring shows good.
I have voltage on all wires but one green/black when engine running. short of replacing controller again I’m out of ideas.


There are no green or green/black wires connected to the driver’s temperature door actuator so I have to ask the location of the actuator you have replaced?  I need to know the part number of the installed part and if your system has manual or auto controls

The color of the wire is very light green or lime color , one of them is solid, the other has a black stripe.
The actuator is under the duct work passenger side of center console next to transmission hump.
I know it is the right part because when I removed it I could manually move the flapper and make the air flow correctly and get cold air.


Okay, right location of actuator.

What is the part number of the installed part and do you have auto or manual controls?

Controls are manual. Don’t have part number right now.
I still have original part also.

I replaced it with Doorman part 604-100.


I think you have installed the wrong replacement part. The catalogs are real sketchy about these applications. It has been my experience that the correct actuator part number will be an ACDelco  15-71971. That number crosses to a Dorman part of 604-106. You said you still have the original actuator. Can you supply the numbers off of it’s label?

Old part
07. 52402588



You definitely have the wrong replacement part.

Ok. I will get new part and get back with you tomorrow.
Thank you.

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