my 2003 Tahoe door mode actuater keeps defaulting to defrost

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#14531 Closed 2003 chevy tahoe public

I changed my door mode actuator last year and had been working fine (except for a few times when I had to reset it) but now after replacing the blend door actuator it will blow out of the dash vents for a few seconds then defaulting to defrost after resetting it or simply turning off the vehicle


There are only e few things that you can do without an appropriate scan tool.

Disconnect and reconnect the harnesses at the far right end of the dash. Look for any signs of corrosion.

Wiggle the connector to the mode actuator and see if it tries to move. This will have to be done within about 30 seconds of turning the ignition on.

Replace the mode actuator. I know you stated that you replaced the mode actuator last year.  Do you remember the brand and part number? As a rule the ACDelco brand actuators will last between 5 and 10 years. Aftermarket actuators may not work out of the box or will last a few years.

I turned the key to on and unplugged the main controls and that fixed it

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