Mode door actuator pre-positioned to what setting?

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I replaced my mode door, 2004 Chevy Trailblazer LS. It worked fine for months, stopped maybe a year later. I took it out and put it in again, did the recal procedure, worked great. For three weeks. So, I’m getting a new one.
What position should the mode control knob be in, or does it matter? Seems like it should be set to match the position of the actuator.
I’ve no idea why these are failing when they work so well initially. Wondering about maybe a bad connection- the pins on the new one were larger and the connector was difficult to plug in. It’s so hard to get to it, i figure i should have a new one before I tear into it again. The door moves freely by hand.


It does not matter what position the a/c controls are set to when replacing actuators.

The terminals can be tightened up if you can physically get to them. The following link shows how to do it on a full sized truck/ the connectors are the same.

Well, I DID brutishly handle the connector. Thanks for your reply! I think maybe I’ll get a better quality mode door actuator and tighten up the terminals.

So, the problem is probably Dorman. The big gear that has the white cam on it can wiggle. It looks like it got into a bind. The plastic screw type gear on the motor is mildly chewed up. Harness seems fine.
What is interesting: I removed the mode door actuator completely. Didn’t secure the door. I still have full vent functions EXCEPT the main vents always have air flow. If I close them all by hand, I have full defrost and can switch to floor if I want. This particular door actuator does less than I realised. I can force the vents off if I move the door by hand, but if it just hangs there on it’s own, I can control everything almost normally. I think I’ll leave it this way unless I need the A/C to not blow on the windshield in the summer.

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