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I have a 2005 buick lacrosse its stuck in reduced engine power I bought code threw codes P0123 P0223 I replaced the gas pedal then was told needed a throttle body bought that got new battery I have no idea what else to do im a single mom and the car has been broke down since aug.I am doing all the work myself by watching videos and reading but I cant seem to fix it please any advice would be awesome
thank you


The codes you listed only apply to a 2005 Buick LaCrosse CXS 3.6L / V6 / VIN 7, so I am assuming that. Unless you tell me different.

Testing for those two codes requires some tools and skills.

What do you have to work with? A good multimeter is the bare minimum needed. A scan tool that can read engine data would be very useful as well.

I have multimeter and a generic code reader .I have already replaced throttle body gas pedal and battery cleared codes put still has the p0123 and p0223 codes .Thank you again for any tips


I will try to send you some test information later this evening .


Been researching into your problem and I have a question for you. Has the connector for the throttle body been replaced? Either by you or someone else in the past?

If the connector is original and never replaced, you will need to backprobe the Tan wire (terminal #6) of the throttle body connector.  Don’t know how familiar you are with backprobing so this is a brief explanation. There are special tools for backprobing but the same effect can usually be done by using a stick pin or needle. Back probing is accomplished by sliding the pin or needle along side the wire and into the backside of the harness connector until you can feel it contact with the metal terminal inside the connector. You can confirm pin to terminal contact by using your meter (set to ohms) to test for continuity between the pin on the backside and the terminal end on the frontside.

Testing will be done using DC voltage setting. All harness connectors must be connected to their components. The ignition must be on but the engine must be off.

Black lead of meter attached to battery negative and red lead attached to back probed terminal.  Voltage reading should be zero or nearly zero.

Red lead attached to battery positive and black lead attached to back probed terminal. Voltage reading should be nominal battery voltage.

If correct voltage readings are not found confirm contact of back probe pin to inner terminal.

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