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#14588 Closed 2007 Chevy Silverado MAX (6.0) 4X4 public

Hello and thanks for the help. Issue is with a 2007 Silverado, 6.0 (MAX). Air conditioner motor acting as if mind of its own. (this is AUTO system, buttons not knobs for functions). The fan would run, then stop, then run again. I replaced the resistor block and this seemed to correct the issue. 2 days later similar issues, but now the unit won’t start at all. Compressor engaged (I can feel cold air trying to come out of the vents but no blower motor working.). Pressing the AUTO button engages the display fan speed for a second or so then the fan speed indicator bars go blank. The display reads AUTO. The blower does not come on at all.

Today – Just checked again. No blower activity at all, even if requesting hot air/defroster. I hear the doors moving so I know that action is working. Also, new is the compressor is not engaging (was working yesterday though).

In SC and it getting HOT.


The most likely cause of the problem is a burnt connector at the blower motor. Should be able to set the blower at high speed and grab a hold of the connector at the motor and wiggle it around. The blower will probably start blowing again. If so you will need to replace the blower motor and the harness between the motor and the blower speed controller (what you called a resistor).  I also live in SC and fully understand how warm and humid it is.

Thanks for the quick reply. I just pulled the connector from the resistor block to the fan – it is hosed. I’ve read that if this is found to change the connector wire and the fan. Any info on removing the fan? Thanks!


Find the locking tab and pull it down slightly. Then twist the motor until it drops out of the hole. Pay attention to where the locking tab is when it is locked and just before the motor falls out so that you can install the replacement in the same positions. It can be frustrating for a simple twist and lock design.

You absolutely want to change both or the problem will return in hours to days.

OK, Back from parts store. Purchased new blower and connector (don’t have much faith in the wire as it is thinner gauge than stock but will change out at another time).

All is working at this time.

Thanks for your help


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