I replaced the actuator in my 05 avalanche and now it only blows heat from the drivers side

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#15062 Closed 2005 Chevy Avalanche public

I have never had heat on the drivers side of my truck through research i found i found it may be the actuator so i changed it now i have heat but no cold there is cold on the passenger side and heat I’ve tried to calibrate it but think I’m doing something wrong


What is the part number and location of the newly installed actuator?

I believe it’s the door actuator its under the black cover in the truck

I’m going to take it tomorrow I can probably give you the part number then


It is my standard practice to close a ticket after one week of no activity.  If I didn’t do this I would have hundreds of open tickets on my dashboard that I would have to sort through everyday.  Do you still need assistance?

I’m just going to take it to a mechanic I’ve tried to calibrate it but it still just blows hot air


Sounds like a plan. Have a great day.

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