I have no heat or defrost in my 1999 chevy s10 pickup

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#14897 Closed 1999 Chevy S10 pickup public

It only blows cold air no matter what setting it’s on.


Start by making sure the engine coolant level is not low. The heater core is the highest component in the engine coolant system and it can be empty while the rest of the system is operating okay.

If the coolant level is okay you will need to start with a cold engine and monitor both heater hoses as the engine warms up and the blower off. They should warm up equally. If they do not then you have a coolant flow issue. If they do then you will need to turn the blower on high and the temperature set to full heat. There should only be a slight drop in the temperature of one heater hose. If it drops dramatically then the heater core is likely restricted.

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