I have no heat in front Hvac, Blend door inactive, even with new actuator

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#14181 Closed 2001 Chevy Tahoe public

I found the blend door actuator not functioning, replaced with proper actuator, still all cold in front Hvac box, all air routing works proper, heat, vent, defrost. Any Ideas?


May need HVAC codes cleared and/or the system recalibrated.

You may need to remove the actuator and manually move the door to confirm there is heat in the system and that the door will. move.

I need to know the part number and the brand of part installed?

I also need to know if your system has manual or auto controls?

Actuator is SKP brand, P/N 604106; The blend door works fine when actuator is not installed. This is an Auto Climate control system, Hvac build codes are C36, C68, C69. Front and Rear system, rear controls are not affected.

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