I have a1993 Toyota Camry Le 2.2l, first my tail lights went out so I replaced them with new bulbs. Everything worked fine then shortly after that my dash lights went out and now my tail lights went out. Brake lights and blinkers work fine as well as the emergency flashers work.the fuse looks good but I don’t know about the relay, I don’t know where to locate the relay. I have checked every fuse in the car and all look good. Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be? If it is a relay can someone tell me where to locate the tail light and instrument relay on my 93 Toyota Camry LE 2.2l?

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No tail lights or instrument panel lights. Please help.


I will have to look through some older manuals to confirm but I am pretty sure the tail light relay is on the backside of the interior fuse box. To make life simple use a test light and see if the tail light fuse gets power when the park/tail lights are turned on. You should also hear and or feel the relay click if you have power switching on at the tail light fuse. Also if the tail light fuse is not powering up the instrument panel lights will not work. It is a safety feature to let you know something is wrong with the exterior lights.

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