I have a 94 Chevy Silverado 5.7 4×4 and someone did some bad work on the wire harness behind the dash and there is plugs and wires not plugged in melted plug to headlight switch heater motor smells like its about to burn I am redoing thus truck and can’t find any helpful diagrams in the books cause I don’t understand them and I saw your post to a question and understood it could you do a walk through of the harness and what plugs go where and what wires are sitting not plugged in and should be that way?

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#16157 Closed 1994 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 public

Wire harness disaster behind dash lots of things don’t work and some things get hot and melt can’t start truck with key problems and more problems


I should be able to help. Two ways we can do this. You can upload one or two images here per reply (Attachments) or you can make a video and upload it to YouTube. Then send me a link to the video.

Ok Sparky you really work by donations or if I don’t make a donation I don’t get any responses to my pics and questions. You disclaimer or what ever it was called was some pretty dense reading. And I really need help I usually fix my own rides myself. I live in the dessert of Arizona outside of Seligman and this truck being broke has left me no to be able to do what I do to make money. Some buttface broke the dash pretty bad and I found a better one on a property clean up so I painted it took old one out but harness in really bad shape can you help me fix it or cause I don’t have a bank and money to donate do I need to go back to wasting way to many hours searching the internet for help. I apologize for how I am coming across you probably think I am just some a$$


I have no problem helping you out without a donation. Maybe later you can donate after your truck is up and running and you are back to making money. The only things I have an issue with is if you become too needy and worst of all if you do not pay attention to what I tell you.

Oh good and yes the day my truck starts with a key and the lights can be turned on with the switch and a few other things work correctly you can know money will be definitely donated.

Oh good and yes the day my truck starts with a key and the lights can be turned on with the switch and a few other things work correctly you can know money will be definitely donated.


Okay, so in the picture. Are we looking at your truck or the donor vehicle?

Are you only transferring the dash carrier and plastic panels?

I would not recommend swapping harnesses. Even of they appear to be the same they almost never are exactly the same.

What is the first problem/question you want to tackle that I may be able to help with ?

The picture is of the truck being fixed there is no donor truck anymore. But I would like to start on the passenger side. To start with the heater motor has two single plug in spots and I have two wires that still have plugs. Also in the same area there is a dual plug that isn’t the speaker one that has not been plugged into anything not sure where it goes. Also has a alpine security box right there witch looks like it was stock I would kinda like to hook it back up been having problems with vandalism directed towards my truck that if it would have been able to make a lot of noise might have saved my windshield. Thanks


At the blower motor the purple/violet wire connects to the terminal on the blower motor that has a rubber base. The black wire connects to the male terminal that is bolted to the blower motor housing.

As far as the two wire connector I would need to see a picture of that.

I am assuming that the “alpine security box” is the one with the white case in the previously uploaded image?

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