Faulty climate controls.

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#16036 Closed 2003 Gmc Sierra 2500 hd public

 I have a 2003 GMC sierra with automatic climate controls and have performed the  actuator recalibration exercise 4 times, still have hot blowing driver’s side and cold on passenger side, it starts out working properly after the recalibration but then the driver side gets continually hotter after 30 seconds or so. What part of the system should I check next? Thank you for your advice


More than likely there is a problem inside the driver’s side temperature door actuator and it will need to be replaced. You should also check the integrity of the harness connector terminals to make sure they are not loose fitting. The actuator is located under the passenger side of the dash just above the transmission hump in the floor pan.

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As  temporary fix you can simply disconnect the actuator after you have performed the recalibration procedure and the door is in the full cold position. Doing this will give you cold air until you can acquire and install a new actuator.

WoW! I will dig in and see if I can find that driver side actuator and the connectors associated with it which I assume are close by the actuator itself. Good to know about unplugging it, as it is intolerable blowing hot air right now!

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