I Have A 2001 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 5.3L. My Front Vents Are Not Working But Everything Else Is. I’ve Filled It w/Refrigerant x Still Nothing..They Just Stop Blowing All Of A Sudden. Replaced My AC Switch Under The Hood x Still Nothing. HELP I RIDE W/5KIDS

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No Air Coming From Front Vents @ All. x I Really Don’t Know To Much About Maintenance Besides The Basics Changing Oil, Batteries, Things Like That x My Compressor Is Working Fine By The Way.


Does the air get cold?

Does the air blow from the defroster or floor vents?

Does the blower not work at all?

It Gets Cold x Is Only Blowing From Defroster..


The most likely cause of the problem would  be a faulty mode actuator.

You could a try a recalibration procedure if your vehicle has auto controls.


Recalibration Procedure

With the ignition off remove the Radio fuse in the underhood fuse box for at least one minute.

Reinstall the fuse and turn the ignition on. Do Not touch anything. Wait at least one full minute.

Turn the ignition off for at least ten seconds but no more than thirty seconds.

Start the engine and check the HVAC controls for proper operation.

Ok I’ll Try It But My Air System Manual

I Tried That x It Didn’t Work


The next logical DIY step would be to replace the mode actuator.

How Do I Do That.


Not exactly sure how to answer that?  I have written multiple articles on changing the mode actuators on various GM full sized trucks and suv’s. They are easily located in the Repair Index. The procedure is basically the same as your vehicle. Note exactly how the old one is positioned in regards to rotation and lever positioning. Then install the new one in the same manner. Beyond that you have to have assorted 1/4 inch drive sockets, extensions, swivels and ratchets to work with. You also have to be able to work curled up under the dash with good manual dexterity and finger tip coordination. Patience is a must have also.

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