i change my blend door actuator out but im still getting the clicking noise and my vehicle still blowing hot air. i even tried resetting it

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#13697 Closed 2001 gmc yukon public

ac unit in vehicle. single controller


What is the location of the actuator that you replaced and what is the part number of the actuator that you installed?

Did you check to make sure the door shaft is not broken?


No I didnt check if the shaft was broken. Its the one on the passenger side floor board. I dont have the number with me at this moment.

Also when I push the recirculate but it stops tapping. Should I be able to turn the shaft by hand once I take at actuator off?


If the noise stops when you push recirculate then the air inlet/recirculate actuator is most likely the cause of the noise.

Yes, you should be able to turn the shaft with your fingers. You may want to turn the blower off while trying to turn it though.

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