i cant turn on my f150 2000 the anti-theft is on

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#16114 Closed 2000 ford f150 public

my wife forgot the keys in new mexico and we had to call a locksmith so they made a new key but the truck anti-theft went off and i haven’t been able to get it to start the locksmith guy said it was a mechanical problem


Although anything is possible, I find it highly unlikely that a truck with a new key suddenly has an anti theft problem that is supposedly not the key.  Also, as far as I know a single new key cannot be programmed to your vehicle unless the original master key is present. In your situation two new keys would have to be made and then they would have to be programmed to your truck using a scan tool.

Assuming that two new keys were made but could not be programmed then the locksmith should have mentioned that there were codes present in the system and listed them on your paperwork.

Programming new keys will erase the original keys from the system’s memory. So when you are able to retrieve the originals, all four would need to be reprogrammed again unless you just don’t care if the originals work anymore.

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