I bought a 2005 Chevrolet Express Conversion Van 1500 with a 5.3 with rear AC and heat using a fan speed switch on the dashboard the HAVC controls are manually, miles are around 91k, ok the AC and Heat work great but no matter what mode I select floor or defrost in heat mode since its winter now I get a little heat coming out the vents like the vent mode is on in the lowest setting just a little heat blowing out, it comes out on the floor when selected and defrost when selected but get a little heat blowing out the vents. I looked to see if anyone has asked and searched the internet and found nothing.

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Bought a 2005 Chevrolet Express Conversion Van 4 months ago, the AC works great, now that it is winter using the heat which works great but when I put it on floor or defrost it blows out in what I select but I am getting some heat blowing out the vents. When in vent mode it blows fully out the vents, do not hear any noise when switching the modes.
Have not tried anything yet, I searched to see is someone asked here and the internet and found nothing.
I have manual HAVC controls, with rear AC and heat that work great, the only control for the rear is a fan speed switch next to the HAVC controls



It is not unusual to have a small amount of air coming from the vents. The condition may be normal. If it is excessive  you may have a damaged mode door or mode door actuator. The front mode doors in your Express van are vacuum operated.

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