I am having a few problems, 1: When I shut off my truck the gauges act funny 2: My heter vents wont change

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#13984 Closed 2001 chevrolet s10 4x4 ZR2 public

I am having a few problems
prob1: When I shut off the truck all the gauges do as they are supose to, they drop to 0 quickly and the radio & power windows all stay active for a few min or utill I open the door. When I open the door, my dome light comes on, radio & power windows become inactive. My problem occures, however, whether or not I open the door, I am going to mention the dome light auto off timming here because this is the time it takes for my problem to reveal itself. However, I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the problem or not. OK With both doors closed and whether the motor was running or not. Turn the key from the run position to the off position & start the clock. When the time it takes for the dome light to turn off (exactly) has passed, my temp gauge starts to climb & it takes about 3 sec to reach 258deg. while simultaneously, the oil pres gauge also starts to climb. BUT oil pressure only climbs to about 12psi and takes alittle bit longer and it stays there. both gauges drop to 0 insantly when the key is turned to the RUN position, (I dont have to start the motor) But as soon as I put the ignition switch back to the OFF position, start the clock once again. This “ignition switch motion” is the only thing that has an effect on the oil press gauge. Otherwise it opperates “somewhat” normally. (I’ll discuss oil pres gauge activity at another time as I don’t believe the prob there is related) BUT, the temp gauge is another story. I descoverd (with the gauges in this “out of position” mode ) If I open the “PASSENGER” door, (and only the passenger door) the security light flashes, the dome light comes on (like its supose to) and the temp gauge will drop to 0. But not the oil gauge. It stays at about 12psi. Then when I close the passenger door, the clock startes once again. (again, this does NOT happen with the drivers door) This is how I discoverd the timming is with the dome light. The temp gauge stays down and the securety light flashes as long as I keep the passenger door open, however, if I shut the passenger door & open the drivers door while the dome light is still on, the dome light stays on but dose NOT reset the timing on the gauge error. When I then shut the drivers door, It resets the timing for the dome light to turn off but again, not the timed error with the gauge. The drivers door effects it like this, after sitting over night (lastnite infact), I peeked in the window before touching the truck and my oil pres read about 12psi & temp gauge read 258. but when I opened the drivers door, temp gauge droped to 0 quickly. Security light did not flash & oil pres remained @ 12psi. This only happend once today, it otherwise acts as described. I don’t know how long it takes for the drivers door to have this effect….. it only did it the one time ,that I am aware of as of now.
2 days ago I disconnected the +&- batt terminals and left them off over night to see if some computing gadget needed to reset. When I cheked the truck the next morning I noticed that the temp gauge was pointing straight down. I hooked the BATT back up and turned the key to the “RUN” possition and the gauges went quickly to 0 BUT my problems resumed. I pulled the cluster out & lubed all the connectors then reinstalled it but this problem here is persistant. This is a pretty thorough description of that particular problem. I hope its enough info for you to be able to diagnose & help

prob 2: my air vents wont change from vent to floor or defroster. Thay are stuck on vent. SO while I had the dash apart messing with the gauges, I pulled the vacuum hoses off the back of the switch and discoverd NO vacuum feeding the switch, is there a servo that opperates this somewhere? if not, what now???? I don’t know where the vacuum is supose to come from or if this is even my problem. the door accuator by the gas pedal seems to be ok but that is the only other thing I checked. I actualy checked it first and thats when I discoverd that it wasn’t getting vacuum fed to it from nether the blue nor the red hose. so I moved to the switch, now I don’t know

please HELP

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