HVAC will not go into calibration mode

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#16779 Closed 2008 Gmc Envoy public

Tried disconnecting the battery and pulling the fuse. Ac blows cold driver side hot passenger. Battery has been discharged a couple times in the last month. Have installed new battery. Really think it needs to recalibrate but can’t get it to go onto recalibrate mode.


It will go into recalibration each time the battery is disconnected and reconnected. The problem is that it will not complete the recalibration once a faulty actuator is encountered. A scan tool that will read HVAC codes and data is the easiest way to identify the problem. You can lay under the dash and watch each actuator while someone else disconnects, reconnects the battery and turns the ignition back on. There are five actuators that you would need to see move from hash mark to hash mark. The first one you see fail to move that far would be the first on that needs to be replaced. I have no true idea of the order that they are tested in and this method could take a while to find the problem.

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