HVAC Issue – only get cool air and only comes out of defrost. cannot adjust output to any other setting and cannot adjust heat/AC.

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#14007 Closed 2006 Pontiac G6 public

Replaced heat/AC door actuator. The new actuator turned only once to a “full over” position (not between the marks). Nothing on the mode changed ( stayed at defrost). Right now, I have a pair of vice grips holding the door in a position where I get hot air out of the defrost only. Am I doing something wrong? Don’t want to spend money on a new control module if that’s not the problem.


I have not had the privilege of repairing this issue on a G6 but the general thought is that the defroster door is broken inside the upper box and has jammed other doors.

Does your G6 have manual or auto HVAC controls?

Manual controls. As a clarification, the actuator I replaced mentioned above seems to control the heat/AC (hot air or cold air).
That is the actuator that turned only once and that is the door I have held open for heat with the vice grips. I haven’t been able to find the door that controls the output (defrost/upper or lower ducts).


The manual system does not have to be recalibrated. The mode actuator is located behind the dash assembly to the right of the instrument cluster. I have read that the actuator can be removed with the cluster removed and a few other things loosened up. However if the door is broken the dash and HVAC box will probably need to be removed. the reason I am mentioning the door again is that it is common for it to break and it will affect how then other actuators are controlled.

Thanks. The actuator you mention is up under the dash on the driver’s side and looks like a bear to get to. I’ll give it a shot though. I’ll also have to look into what’s involved with removing the dash to get to the HVAC box. This project gets more complicated as I go along. Again, Thanks

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