HVAC Blower issue – continued from comments

ID Status Date Year Make Model Transmission Type A/C Controls Public/Private
#15124 In Progress 2007 Chevy Suburban 5.3L public

To answer your last question from the comment section of calibrating HVAC system, I have auto climate controls


The most common issue that would cause your concern would be a damaged harness connector to the blower motor itself.  Before doing anything else though you should confirm a couple of things. First listen to the blower motor  to see if you can hear a change in the blower speed at the controls are turns up and down. Next listen for and visually inspect the fresh air door to make sure it is moving and there are no obstructions. Lastly with the ignition on and the blower set to high gently grasp the harness connector going into the blower motor and flex it to see if the blower motor will start spinning faster.

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