2002 Suburban Z71 HVAC Mode Control

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In my suburban I have 3rd row seats rear hvac and separate rear controls they are fine however, my front controls when my mode selector is on defrost the air blows from my vents and vice versa I have no other modes no floor or mix I’ve changed the actuator checked the door for free motion and put in a used set of controls from a tahoe we had at our shop and I still have the same issue with both sets of controls any ideas PLEASE


Can you provide the part number of the replacement mode actuator?

Does your Suburban have manual or auto controls?

Part No. 604-102 is what I replaced and the attached image is what my controls look like


The part number 604-102 is not the correct mode actuator for your vehicle. If you want to use the Dorman brand you would want to use part number 604-113. The ACDelco part number is 15-72505.

I may have been mistaken on my part number I do know that the one I replaced was the same part number as the one I removed. If i pull that one out to check the part # can i use this link or do i need to post a second question?


You can continue with this link until we hopefully solve your issue.

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