How to reset hvac system / Blend door actuators

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The driver side vents are not as cold as the passenger side vents. The driver side vents will change to hot so ruled out a failed actuator. This started happening after the battery failed and had to be replaced. Can I recalibrate the system myself or do I have to take it to the dealership?


Alternate Method (without Scan Tool)

Note:  Do not operate any HVAC controls while the HVAC control module is calibrating as this may interrupt the process. If interrupted, improper HVAC performance will result.

Begin with the ignition OFF.
Remove the HVAC control module fuse for a minimum of 10 seconds.
F6DA and F28DA fuse in the interior fuse box.
See owner’s manual for fuse positions.
The F6DA fuse appears to be the primary fuse.
If just removing and reinstalling it does not work then pull both fuses.
Install the HVAC control module fuse.
Start the vehicle.
Wait at least 40 seconds for the HVAC control module to self-calibrate.
Turn the ignition off for at least 10 seconds but no longer than 30 seconds.
Restart the engine and check the HVAC operation.

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