How to fix blower motor

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#16234 Closed 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 public

The blower motor in my 2006 2500 cummins has only been working on high for some time now any lower and it would smoke causing a horrible smell. This morning it quit working as it was started and ran for 45mins on low it would when switched to high blow for a second or two and shut off smoking.


The most likely causes would be a faulty blower motor, blower resistor or blower switch. All three could have an associated bad smell (melting plastic). A visual inspection of those parts along with a sniff test should lead you to the cause.

If the blower motor had been working but there was low air flow from the vents or a noise, then a broken fresh air/recirculation  door would be the likely cause. Under the right circumstances a melting plastic smell could also occur.

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