How to disable ABS on a 2008 Camry

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I have a low speed ABS activation error condition – I expect it’s the wheel speed sensor. At somewhere between 1-3 mph as I roll to a stop ABS kicks in. My theory is that the sensor is getting insufficient voltage and is telling the ECU/ABS control module that the wheel is locked. In any case I want to disable ABS as I have zero use for it and don’t want to spend any money fixing it. The problem is that the ABS 1 fuse is not where the manual indicates. From reviewing your site I see that the two long blue strips in the engine compartment fuse box are “multi-fuse blocks.” I expect that the fuse I need to pull is part of this array. Is there anything I can do to disable ABS on this vehicle, given the ridiculous design of the fuse box? Thanks!


I would need some more information from you in order to help.

Is your vehicle a Hybrid or not?

Does it have VSC (vehicle skid control) or not?

What size engine does your Camry have?

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