How do I reset the computer on an 04 GMC Sonoma 4×4 crew cab?

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I recently lost all of my gauges and idiot lights, keon only produces a check engine light vehicle runs fine starts everything else works except for the instrument cluster. I have checked fuses ignition switch ignition key tumbler I have checked power to all the pins on the cluster plugin the only one that doesn’t have power that should is the battery wire the orange one I read in one of your posts that you might need to reset the computer in order for it to regain power to that wire is this correct? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


The orange wire at the instrument cluster connector is powered by the RDO BATT fuse in the interior fuse box. It may be labelled as Fuse #19 and should be  a 15 amp fuse. You need to check that the fuse is present, good and powered at all times. Since it is also the battery memory fuse for the radio it is common for the fuse to be missing or blown after someone has been working with the radio.


There is no reset for the condition you describe.

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