how do I recalibrate HVAC system on 2002 Buick Lasabre Limited

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#15147 Closed 2002 mfg 10/01 buick Lasabre Limited public

changed blend air door actuator and wont change location of airflow anywhere.


I need to know if you have auto or manual a/c controls?

It has auto button upper left side


Calibration Procedure without a Scan Tool

    1. Turn OFF the ignition.
    2. Remove the battery positive voltage circuit *fuse* of the Instrument Panel Control Module.

Important:  The module memory will not clear if the battery positive voltage circuit fuse is installed in less than 60 seconds.

  1. Wait 60 seconds.
  2. Install the fuse.
  3. Start the engine and allow it to run and do not touch anything.
  4. After two full minutes turn the ignition off  for at least ten seconds but no more than thirty seconds.
  5. Restart the engine and test the HVAC operation.
  6. *fuse*,  the fuse identity is a little unclear but from my research it should be the HVAC Batt fuse in the rear fuse box. If this fails to work you may have to just disconnect the battery instead.

Is there possibly a abbreviation for the fuse that has such a long description?
Also could you tell me where the fuse panel ( Rear) is located ?
There is no hvac fuse in the fuse panel under the hood .
Thank you so far you have been very helpful !


There is a fuse box under the rear seat cushion slightly towards the driver’s  side of the vehicle. It has a cover with a legend on the inside of it to identify the fuse locations.

I heard sounds like it was recalibrating but still no defrost nest steps to look for a mouse nest found one under back seat
Thanks again I did find the hvac fuse under back seat.

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