How do I get my 97 Chevy Tahoe to not blow only cool heat to the floor but be able to switch through the options on my Temp Cont, unit?

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PLEASE HELP! SOS! its getting cold!!
I’ve recently purchased my 97 Chevy Tahoe 2WD. Since purchasing my hoe ive replced my radiator, blower motor, thermostat, blend door actuator (driver side) and the heater control valve. After replacing all of these things I still could only get coolsemi-hot heat to blow at the floor only. so I pulled my Temp Contr. Unit out to find that it was broken and swapped that out with a used Temp Cont. Unit. and now I can only get semi hot heat to only blow at the floor on full blast ( no in between) heat only turns off and works at 5 (full blast). What am I missing? I atleast want the heat to defrost as I drive. Can anyone help?


The following articles should explain the problems with the blower speeds not working.

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The air not blowing out of the defrost is likely a faulty mode actuator.

The lack of heat may be several things. Restricted heater core.   Low coolant level. Broken temperature/blend door. Faulty or incorrect temperature/blend door actuator.

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