How do I diagnose a PO2534 code?

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#15894 In Progress 2009 Chev 3500 LTZ public

I have a 2009 Chev Silverado LTZ with the 6.6 Duramax. I have the code PO2534 which is related to ign. switch voltage. I replaced the ignition switch and found a 175 blown amp fusible link. I have replaced the link, but still cannot clear the code. I know that it might be a bad connection or loose connection some where. I am looking for some advice on where to start looking. Please advise!!! Thanks Don Kistler


Does the engine start and run?

Are there any systems that are not working correctly?

I looked at the wiring diagrams and see two 175 amp fuses for your truck. My assumption is that with a power issue (not mentioned yet) and the stated code, that there is a short in the red wire between the 175 amp mega fuse holder box and the underhood fuse box.  The other 175 amp fuse powers the Intake Air Heater.


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