Hot air blowing from drivers side with AC on

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Hi Sparky,

My 2012 Enclave is blowing hot air from the drivers side when the AC is on in the rest of the car.
I’ve checked the actuator, and it’s still functional – I can move it (while installed) with a screwdriver in the spindle. If I move it while the car is on I can get the cold air to come on. As soon as I turn off the car, and back on again, the actuator moves right back to hot and won’t move.
So the actuator isn’t seized in one position.
Also, I’ve tried the recalibration process you have written (with great instructions!), and the settings went to 74 degrees, so I believe it worked but I’m still getting hot air.
Any ideas or thoughts?


I am not sure your actuator is truly “functional”. Normally if you can “help” the actuator move by trying to turn the shaft then there is a problem with the gear teeth slipping inside the actuator. I have often used a quarter to help the shaft move.

If the actuator shaft turns easily with a screw driver then it is definitely no good. You should not be able to turn the shaft with a screwdriver unless the actuator is already trying to move on its own. The effect of gear reduction  makes it difficult if not impossible to do so.

At this point I would have two recommendations.

Look at live data on a capable scan tool.

Go ahead and replace the actuator.

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