HI , i have a p0300 ignition fail in ralenti but not at 1500 or rest of rpm.We check out the 4, 02 sensors, spark plugs, maf,ignition coils,fuel pump pressure,fuel pressure regulator, we change all the fuel of the tank, but the problem continues.We have locked the fail on bank 2 cilynders( driver side). have you any idea? lator

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#13009 Closed 2000 ISUZU RODEO LSE 3,2 V6 public

I have a problem when i start the engine.The rpm goes to 1200rpm and after a few seconds it goes at 880 rpm but with an inestable ralenti or minimun ride.The scanner shut p0300 code.The fail is locked on the three cilynders of driver side (bank 2).
I have checked out 02 sensors, fuel pump pressure, maf sensor, map sensor, cleaned throtle body, spark plugs, ingnition coils ,
fuel pressure valve,and replaced all the fuel of the tank with premiun 98 octans, but i cant fix the problem.When i acelelerate engine it go fine but when it go back to minimun march(880 aprox rpm)the fail comes back.Can you help me? Thanyou, Roberto from Argentina.


Has any work been done to the vehicle in the recent past? In particular has the engine or transmission been out of the vehicle?

Do you have a scan tool to work with that can read data?

No, the trouble began during a 1000 miles travel . When my truck is setting in D o R drive position the engine looks well, but then, when i set P the idle fails.
I have a scan tool, and it indicates general ignition fail.In this moment my truck is in an electronic ignition service but they can´t find the problem

they have cleaned all the injectors too


What are the fuel trims at the various engine rpms you outlined earlier?

i don´t have this data, now i´m joined whith the service and will ask him the reply.

Good evening, the electronic service owner, tells me that the six inyectors are working perfectly , all, the same ammount of fuel betwen its, at diferents rpm .They have controller too, the inner compression on each 6 cilynders,looking for some exahust or admission fail valve on the cilynders head,but they are ok all of them. The largest ignition coil is placed on the cilynder behind the driver place. I am suspect for ECU.Ihave checked the EGR valve, but it is clean and working perfectly.
I have configured also the throtle body, at engine in normal operating temperature, 5 min. idle, 5 min. whith a/c in on position, five min. in parking ,but nothing, the fail continues! Tonight, when i arrived to my house, i select the parking position and the engine went out.
My best regards!


A misfire at idle along with a stalling condition is typically caused by a vacuum leak, faulty IAC valve or faulty data from various sensors. Looking at engine data is the only real way that I can help from so far away. If you can provide any scan tool data I would be happy to help. Regardless, I wish you luck and safe travels.   Sparky

ok I will try to take a screenshot from my scan tool.I have ommited an important data, engine oil level was increased 1/2 liter. after the 1000 miles travel! The oil looks in perfect conditions, no fuel smelt, no water ( no white cream colour), but I have to extract 1/2 liter to reach the full mark oil point.

Hi, me again, good afternoon,I have a new data for you.When the engine is turn on, at idle running, failing of course, I disconnect the three inyectors of bank 1, and the fail desappears!! riding in half engine!, then i connect the three inyectors and the fail come back…. but! doing the same thing but whith the inyectors of bank 2(disconnecting the three inyectors) the fail desappear again.
It seems my truck likes riding on three cilynders only.
Any idea??
Thak you very much!!

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