Heat only working…

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#14495 Closed 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD WT public

All of a sudden my heat only works. Blower works on all speeds except 4, only hot air comes out the dash vents. There is no light on the AC button when I push it and I can not blend the air to the defrosters or to the floor. I have checked fuses labeled HVAC…what next??


I would start by checking codes and data. Then I would move on to checking all fuses in both fuse boxes. The last step would be to pull the control panel and check powers, grounds and communication circuits.

I don’t know what tooling or experience you have so you will need to determine your starting point based on the above.

Thanks. I checked continuity on every fuse in both places. I also checked codes and there weren’t any. I pulled out the climate control but I would have no idea which wire’s to check. Thank you for your time

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