Having problems putting fuel in my ’05 Avalanche

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I have changed out 3 parts on my vehicle trying to figure out why I am have a ventilation issue with putting gas in it. Have asked a number of people and everyone is lost on what next step to take. Do you have any suggestion?


Can you tell me what engine you have in your Avalanche and what parts were replaced? Part numbers would be helpful.

Sorry, didn’t know how to use this site. Well provide part numbers tonight.

These are the parts I replaced.


If you still have the old parts look for loose pellets in any of them that may have come out of the charcoal canister.  Most likely the charcoal canister failed and spread debris through out the system. This will require someone to disconnect all evaporative emission  components and hoses. They will need to be thoroughly cleaned out. Including the newly replaced parts.

The charcoal canister did have a lot of loose pellets. They showed me the canister when they replaced it. Pellets were falling out of it. Sounds like a lot of work.


Not that hard as far a fixing the fuel fill issue. The evap/vent lines have to be taken loose and  blown out. The only thing that can be tricky is making sure there are no pieces that could get stuck in the solenoids. There is a chance that you could have an occasional service engine soon light on  and evap code stored until all of the debris is out of the system.

Talking to my local guy about doing the work.

Have just had the lines blow out. Cleared the codes. But still unable to put fuel in tank. Had code PO455, saying it the canister. Should I change it out?


The P0455 code could have set if the ignition was turned on anytime the hoses were off so I would not be overly concerned with that for now. If the system accepts fuel for  around thirty seconds or more and then the inflow slows down then there is most likely still a blockage in the vent tubes. If it is immediately  hard to install fuel then there is a problem with the fill hose or the rollover valve at the tank inlet.

The plan is to recheck/replace all parts and recheck the lines.

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