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I looked but to no avail. Is there a way to receive email notification when there is activity on a ticket? Thanks


I toggled the switches on my end and they did not stick. I am doing it again and replying to see f it will or not?


It did not seem to work. I think it can only be changed by which ever party marked it as “Private”.  You may want to try again on your end. There is a drop down under “Custom Fields” that is supposed to allow you to change it or if the little square next to “Mark as Private”  is checked you might be able to uncheck it. I think there may be a way from inside your “My Account” page.

There are few things that do not work as it should and I plan on fixing them but will need to wait a while. I let a few things go for too long and now it will cost me about two grand to catch up.

Looks like this ticket as a whole and the anti-theft ticket as a whole are now toggled as Public, whereas I had initiated them as Private.

After I initiated the anti-theft ticket, I looked deeper into wiring diagrams and followed up with three replies. Then I saw that the 3 replies had a option in their upper right corners that said “Make Private”, so I presumed that I had only made the initial post as Private, and that the 3 subsequent posts were Public. So I clicked “Make Private” for each of the three replies. After that, when I logged back in later, I could not see the 3 replies at all (still can’t), but I can see the original post. Can you see the 3 replies? or are you seeing only the original post?


I can see all of them.  By any chance is there a clickable link where the entries should be that states “Mark as public”? If there is and you were to click on it, then it will toggle between public and private.

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