Electrical ignition issues

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#16845 Closed 1973 Chevrolet Nova public

Recently driving my nova the car died and wouldn’t crank back up. A buddy of mine said it appeared to be a lack of spark and I’m inclined to believe him.

When my ignition is in run but not cranking over there’s no power at the hei connection. There is power to the alternator from the ignition switch though. When checking the circuit inside the car, there is power into the ignition switch from the battery but the only power out with the switch in run is the alternator. My neutral safety switch shows no power with transmission in park and the ignition circuit shows no power. Everything else has power such as lights and gage cluster. I did lose power to some of my ignition taps on the fuse panel and none of the fuses indicated being bad.

Any idea what could be causing my problem? A bad NSS switch? Or bad ignition switch?

To add some more, I realized I was checking the safety start switch incorrectly. It did get power when the engine is cranked over. Pink ignition wire coming from switch still never sees power.


If there is lack of power coming out of the ignition switch on a pink wire it will be either a faulty ignition switch, ignition switch connector or lack of power into the ignition switch. If I remember correctly they had two different red wires that supplied power to the switch. I will have to find a diagram to confirm this though.

If this is true and you are lacking input power on a red wire to the ignition switch the likely causes on a factory system would be a blown fusible link at either the starter or at the underhood junction block. If I remember correctly you had one or two aftermarket fuse holders on the passenger inner fender. One may be blown.

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