Driver side AC actuator will not move even after replaced. What could be the deeper cause?

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#12778 Closed 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 LS public

The driver side blend door actuator would “fail” to the heat setting intermittently. The truck would have to be turned of then back on and the actuator would reset and function correctly for several days. This issue began getting worse where the actuator began to fail more often. I recently purchased a new actuator and replaced it BUT… with the NEW actuator connected electrically but not connected to the blend door, the new actuator did the same thing. It immediately failed to the heat setting. Then to make things worse, now it doesn’t move at all. No matter if the controls are manipulated or if I put the old actuator back on or if the truck is stopped and restarted. I tested the plug for the actuator and can get 11 volts on all pins even if I manipulate the slide control on the main controls. The main controls are only 2 years old. I had to replace the whole unit. No really sure what I am looking for electrically but that’s all the information I have at this point.
Thanks in advance.

While reading another post I learned that I should never have connected the actuator electrically without having it attached to the blend door. I did this to verify that the new actuator work but all I accomplished was over-traveling the actuator and jamming it against the stops. I was able to removed the cover of the actuator and remove one gear to allow me to physically move the actuator off of the hard stops. This was a shortcut instead of creating a fused jumper and try jumping the pins to force the actuator electrically. I connected the actuator both mechanically and electrically before starting the truck and now it works like it is supposed to.

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