1996 Chevy S10, P0446 have replaced just about everything still have check engine light on!

ID Status Date Year Make Model Transmission Type A/C Controls Public/Private
#15418 In Progress 1996 chevy S-10 public

Replaced purge valve +vent valve+ evap-canister and hoses. Checked to see if vent valve clicks when power is put to it. Pink wire has 12.4 volts and white wire appears to be ground. At a loss to what it good be!


Well, in order to properly diagnose the code P0446 you really need to be able to look at the PCM fuel data. That aside some of the things that can be causing your issue are a leak in the vapor system, faulty FTP sensor, faulty PCM or a wiring issue.  My inclination in your case would be to check to see if the FTP sensor on the fuel pump cartridge assembly is properly connected. Also if your truck is 4WD check to make sure there is no wiring laying on the front drive shaft or the exhaust.

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