Brake light switch wiring missing?

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#16490 Closed 1994 Gmc Yukon public

Truck is an amazingly clean 1994 Yukon 2 door without cruise/drl. I just swapped in a 5.3 LS with terminator xmax.

Previous owner removed the pcm and deactivated the abs, and spliced in a linelock controller when he was running a carburetor on 350.. im finding shitty butt connectors everywhere..

Just noticed that the Brake light switch wiring harness is completely missing from the truck..

park lights, hazards, blinkers function correctly, but stop/brake lights do not function and brake switch is there, however the harness is missing and not sure where that 6pin connector routes to? But it was possibly cut out/respliced to other wires?

I purchased a new 6 pin pigtail and new brake switch, and trying to track down the wires, but not sure where the passenger tail light harness is routed to get upto the brake switch..

Can I just resolder this pigtail into existing wires to make the brake lights function properly? I can run a new orange/white power, just not sure about getting a purple if that’s needed and where to send it..

I realized the wiring was missing while I was trying to tap the switch wiring to unlock the torque converter using a terminator xmax..


If I remember correctly the connector that plugs into the stoplight switch is actually part of a sub harness assembly. It attaches to the main harness above the brake pedal bracket and is kind of hard to get to. I would suspect that there is something hidden in that area. A mirror on a stick and flash light might help.

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