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Hi Sparky,
I recently ran my battery dead on my 2001 Tahoe w/ computer climate control. After charging the battery and starting the vehicle, my vents were cycling from defrost, to vents, to floor, no stop. I shut the truck off. When I restarted, it’s now “stopped” on vents. I can’t manually change it to defrost or floor and it won’t change on it’s own either.
I feel like it needs to be recalibrated? I have disconnected the negative battery cable for five minutes, restarted the truck and the same.. I have pulled the HVAC fuse under the hood for 30+ seconds w/ no luck. Did I read I need to pull the radio fuse also?
I would think disconnecting the battery would force a reset but…. Am I not following a procedure correctly?

Please help! Happy to donate.


On that year model and type of controls you would need to pull the Radio fuse to start the process if you only wanted to remove a fuse. However disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes should have accomplished the initialization though. Keep in mind to not have anything else connected to the vehicle that could maintain some sort of battery voltage. Such as a cell phone connected to a charger or tracking unit connected to the DLC.  The key things to remember from reconnecting the battery cable and starting the engine is to not touch anything. Allow the engine to run for up to 4 minutes and then turn the ignition off for at least 10 seconds but no more than 30 seconds. Restart the engine and check the HVAC operation. If there is still an issue the actuator is likely faulty and will need to be replaced. Sometimes in that YMM the HVAC control module can develop logic lock. You might be able to clear it by disconnecting both battery cables (single battery) and holding them together for one full minute. If that does not work the control panel may need to be replaced or reprogrammed.

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