Blend door issue AGAIN!

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#14404 Closed 2003 GMC Sierra 1500 public

I have replaced the upper blend door already once because the passenger side blew hot air while the drivers side blew cold. Soon after the drivers side did the same thing and I had to replace the lower blend door.

Yesterday I changed the battery and now the passenger side is once again blowing hot air while the drivers side is cold. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery but still no luck. Is it common for the upper blend motor to go bad or most likely out of calibration? The upper blend door is a pain in the you know what to get to, all the dash has to come apart. Please help!!!



Chances are the auto recalibration was interrupted after the battery was reconnected. Try the recalibration procedure first.

Ok, thank you I will try that. Is it best to leave the controls set to off or on and cold or hot?


We all have our preferences but it does not really matter.

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