Blend door actuator access.

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#14334 Closed 2006 Chevrolet Silverado LT HD2500 public

Can the blend air door module be accessed by removing the instrument panel? Trying to get to it from the driver side floor board is pretty difficult, especially for installation. Thank you.


There are no blend doors on the driver’s side of the vehicle. They are both on the passenger side (top and bottom). The only one on the driver’s side is the mode actuator.

You are right, I stand corrected! Let me re-phrase the question: Can the mode actuator be accessed by removing the instrument panel?


There are two ways to replace the mode actuator. Under the driver’s side of the dash going through the gas pedal area or by removing the entire dash assembly. Just removing the instrument cluster will not give access to the mode actuator on this vehicle.

I do understand the difficulty of laying under the dash to replace the actuator. Ten years ago I could slide under the dash and have it changed in about twenty minutes. Now it seems like it takes that long just to get in the right spot to start working.

I understand what you are getting at. I am 78, with a six level fusion of the spine due to a broken back. But, I will see what I can do
under the dash. Thank you for your answer.


Do you realize that for $100 – $150 of labor, most quality shops will change  that actuator?

I think I will relay that to my friend. It’s his truck that needs it, I just do it for favor. Thanks again.

This video is of an ’04’. Would an ’06’ be the same?


Did not see a link but yes they would be very similar if not the same.

That panel is not too difficult to get off, I’ll check it out. Might make it a little easier job if I can access the module that way. Thanks again.

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